Colouring, innit.

What can you do with an ex-boyfriend?  A colouring book for broken-hearted girls and boys. 

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It’s a colouring book for people who have outgrown kiddies’ colouring books but still like colouring books.  It has twelve pictures to colour and a packet of crayons with which to colour them.  It also has hand-stitched binding and a little dangling bead.  The content is a bit violent, though. 

£3 sold out from your nearest Travelling Man comics shop, my friend, but I have a few more if you need the mail order.

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3 thoughts on “Colouring, innit.

  1. bella says:

    they look amazing, just a shame they’ve sold so well and i haven’t managed to get my hands on one..
    the anticipation makes it all the more exciting : ) will look out for your future editions.. bella : )

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