Coffee and Tea and ∞, oh my


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It’s a book! It’s a double book! How can this be? Sometimes things can be two things at once! And sometimes books never end! Especially when they’re full of caffeine! And drawings! And words!
And caffeine! Oh my!

£2 from your nearest Travelling Man, my friend.

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8 thoughts on “Coffee and Tea and ∞, oh my

  1. Beth Barker says:

    of course I am all over this one my friend…. do you know which section of Travelling Man I should be looking in for this book/what title to ask them for? I find it a very confusing shop but the very helpful staff make it easy to find your latest gubbins :o)

    • hellolyd says:

      Thanks Barker. Yes it is a confusing place but I kinda like that. Say ‘hi, can you show me where the small press section is please? My friend’s made a small press book called ‘Coffee/Tea’ ‘.

  2. Lydia, Cant wait, ordered mine as soon as the email came, love your work.

  3. So lovely. The binding really makes this great.
    Didn’t even realise it was yours until I had bought it and brought it downstairs to read.
    Missed you at the comics night. I wanted to ask you where you got your paper stock from, it’s so nice and textured. :P

    • hellolyd says:

      Hurrah, thanks. The lovely paper is from the lovelyMailboxes Etc and cost the same as plain paper, which is good, and they even trimmed the books after I’d bound them. I intend to be at the next comics night and will tell you this story in more detail.

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