Anxiety and impropriety.

A Nervous Perverse Phone

Nervous Perverse Phone: 24 minute comic

Another Paper Jam thingy is 24minute comics. I like this game.

I’d never heard of 24hour comics before and not nor had I not neither heard about none of the 24minute versions. Everyone writes a word on a scrappy bit of paper, then pairs of words are pulled out of the magic hat*, and you gotta draw something relevant in 24minutes.

There were many pairs of words on 1st September 2011. The words that chose me were ‘nervous perverse’ and ‘phone’.

*there is no magic hat.

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One thought on “Anxiety and impropriety.

  1. […] Wave (of mutilation) is another 24 minute comic. I still like this game. The two words were ‘pestilence’ and ‘wave’, and I […]

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