And your little dog, too.

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Divas are wonderful super-human dramatic beings who make life more fabulous. Or they’re spoiled tantrum-y brats. I can never decide which, gosh darn it.

This is a puzzling book. The drawings are deep meaningful meditations on how divas are a form of superhero, signified by mask-like eyes. But it’s also a pub quiz of a book as you can play ‘guess the diva’. It ends with a fairly lame joke, much like most recent Hollywood superhero films.

This book has black print on a shiny white cover and non-shiny pink pages. It’s slightly smaller than A6 size. It has hand-sewn binding that’s all fringe-y, and includes two sequins and three googly eyes. Googly eyes? Googly eyes.

You can buy it on the Etsy for £2.50, if you like. And I’ll post it to you.

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