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Not pictured: an unexplained-but-painful bruise on my hand; my lost voice; my mouth that hurts from smiling and talking more than I have in a while*.

I went to the Thought Bubble comics festival and I liked it, gosh darn it. And I’d do it all again.

I had half a table, sharing with Terry Wiley who does comics, him. And on the same row as half of Newcastle. Well, the good half. Paper Jam Comics Collective, not these cardboard cut-outs.

I did some swapping and some selling. I liked it when people stopped to laugh at things I’d made, particularly as most things I make are intended to have some sort of comedy value. See? It’s good when people laugh at you. With you. With me.

Things I need to do now include:

  • reading all my delightful swaps,
  • try some more comic strip-py drawings,
  • catch up on a backlog of eating and sleeping,
  • getting better at chatting with the punters, guv’nor,
  • unpack the reasons why I chose to dance to Take That for the first time ever.

So yeah. It was good, I’d do it again, but now I need a good sit down.

*because my stupid braces make this sort of behaviour difficult, not because I’m generally miserable. Ok well maybe a bit of that, but only so much as is healthy.

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