Iffy, questionable.

Sketchy sketches

Sketchy sketches

I went to Dr Sketchy’s event in Newcastle and drew lots of pictures of a sort of old time circus with two very good not-clowns-but-clowns, a singer, a saucy dancer, a razorblade-eater, and the man who helped set up the stage.

I also drew a picture of part of the stage and of a modern-looking light-holding tripod.

I learned that I prefer drawing things to drawing people. Or maybe that I didn’t like having to draw what I was told to draw, and for how long in which I was told to draw it. And certainly that I’m not quite comfortable drawing ladies who need to wear more clothes. But that I liked drawing in the company of other people, sitting on big sofas, stepping over tables, and looking at big anti-racist photographs. Oh, and that I briefly wanted an iPad because I saw someone do good drawings on one, but then I decided a brown paper sketchbook would be good too. And I’ve got one of those waiting at home so pffffffft to you, Apple.

Overall? Sketchy.

I’d post a link to the official Dr Sketchy’s Newcastle website, but the library internet connection is refusing to let me.

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