JD (but probably not the JD you’re thinking of).

Canny Communal Comics

Canny Communal Comics

Canny Comic Con
was indeed canny, full of comics, and a convention. It was also full of the biggest communal table in the world EVER. It started off as a fun game of real-life tetris to fit lots of little blocks/books into a space/table. Then it was ohfindyourownspaceyou’relateandwe’vealreadysetup.

There were two Judge Dredd*-related incidents:

1. some bloke turned up dressed as JD**. Or it was JD. Or some bloke turned up in boring clothes and changed into JD in the toilets. Or changed into a JD costume.

2. In the pub after the Chinese buffet after the convention, the man who writes Judge Dredd kept making me tear pages of paper out of my sketchbook to feed his addiction to the Paper Jam collaborative comics drawing thingy. So someone (dunno who) has lots of exciting A4-with-a-raggedy-edge drawings to scan and share, and I have raggedy edges. And no bitterness at all because I had fun, darn it.

Another thing you should know is that when trying to take wonderful photos of the ‘Comedy in Comics’ panel I took a photo that makes it look like two panellists each have 2 legs but another panellist has 1 leg. But he has 2 legs and it’s not nice to make fun of people. But it’s a good photo. It is, I tell you. You try taking exciting photos when you can’t quite work the camera and there’s a 6 year old taking better photos and you’re trying to pay attention. Yeah.

Thank you Alex and the Paper Jammers (not a band …yet) and folks who do comics as an actual job (crikey) for making a very good day indeed. It was all friendly and there were many people.

*which is the JD I meant in the title, not John Dorian or Jack Daniels. Obviously.
**but it may’ve been Judge Stewart, which is beyond my level of JD knowledge and gosh darn it I’m not even supposed to be here today.

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