Teeth or two.

Tea set

I painted a tea pot and a milk jug and a sugar bowl as a wedding present for awesome friends.

Things I learned during this project include:

1. Pebeo porcelaine paint is well good. I have not received any sponsorship for saying this. I really think it’s a good paint: easy to apply, a good choice of colours (even though I painted it blaaack), and easy to cook. Thanks, Pebeo!

2. Cookingis good. But cooking porcelain is kinda nervewracking. I’ve only ever painted and baked cheapo porcelain before and baking grown-up porcelain was oooh a bit dangerous as it could’ve been an expensive pile of shattered china. But it wasn’t. It was fine. Thanks, oven-that-came-with-my-rented-flat!

3. Painting a tea set doesn’t half give you an urge to drink tea. By ‘you’ I mean ‘me’. Not like a matrimonal union of you and me. Just, like, grammar, innit.

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