Bed time.

I went to The Late Shows and it was good*.

I made a pop-up map book in a workshop led by Yvette Hawkins, a lady who does good paper-folding. Here’s my book:

Front cover


Back cover

I also made a phenakistoscope using a screen printing press for the first time ever.

And I printed matches on the cover of a matchbox using an Adana press. Then the assistant had to wrap the matchbox in paper because their risk assessment said otherwise people might light matches inside the building.


So there you go. Adana is not just a delicious sort of kebab, and I liked printing so much I signed up for an etching course next weekend.

I also made paper dollys and did doodling on big paper. Both these activities were at the UVlight-lit Laing Art Gallery, which makes them ‘art’ not ‘goofing around with scissors and paper and pens’.
Paper dollys in UV light
The doodles are mine but the drawing of people is not.

There was also eating, wandering around, drawing with charcoal taped to the end of bamboo canes, watching a video of a man bouncing on a spring and painting at the same time, snapping of glow sticks and riding of the Metro home.

*everything except the open top bus on the gosh darn motorway was good.

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