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These etchings, yes genuine hardground etchings, are the reasons I have acid stains on my arms. It kinda looks like spashes of very orange fake tan.


I did an etching course at the lovely and amazing Northern Print. It involved more metalwork and manual labour than I’d anticipated, which is a very good and enjoyable thing indeed.

‘Wor Bridges’ is, umm, based on Newcastle’s beautiful bridges. ‘The Commuter’ is a dodo because of the Parisian commuters.

So last weekend I etched and was exhausted, this week I got mounts sorted out, and this weekend I will be a half-a-stallholder at the Make and Mend Market at Grainger Market. Which may well make me exhausted again. Oh, and very very happy throughout the whole process.

Maybe when I’m less exhausted I’ll take some less rubbish photos of the etchings.

(mini) Make and Mend Market poster

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3 thoughts on “Aciiiiiid.

  1. Britt says:

    Looks fantastic Lydia. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. […] also reminded me what a delightful time I had doing an etching course at NP and that I need to get myself back there soon. Share […]

  3. […] ‘Wor Cathedral’, also known as St James’ Park the home of NUFC.  Almost a non-twee pair with this etching, ‘Wor Bridges‘. […]

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