Gertrude Stein’s tea shoppe.

 …is a bit like Betty’s, if you know the true and scandalous tale of Betty and her tarts and rascals.  Which may well not be true at all. 

But as always, I digress.  AND I’M NOT SORRY.

Emphatically not the BerenstAin bears

Emphatically not the BerenstAin bears

Here’s a masterpiece I made last night.  Click to make it big.It was sparked by discussions of the super secret science comic project in which one of the rules is no comedy Einsteins saying ‘hey kids, science is awesome!!!11!1!1!!! LOL!’  Saying this in the company of legends  led to questions of whether beer steins and Eisenstein could be included. 

The answer is yes if:

a. it’s awesome

2. it’s about science

d. an 8-13 year old will love it.




And here’s another masterpiece I made a few weeks ago, this time about teabags.  Click to make it big. 

Delayed because I’ve been busy moving flat and becoming obsessed, obsessed I tell you, with gardening.  And because for every hyper-efficient scanning and uploading adventure there are many, many more adventures that take much longer and involve detours.  And are none the worse for it. 

And another thing, I bet they never start sentences with ‘and’. 




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