Prawns and mice

Tomorrow’s the Made in Newcastle* summer market.  Hurrah!  I need your help with preparations so please could you answer the following question:

I will have framed drawings and etchings for the first time, like, ever.

     The Frames

 Now don’t get me wrong.  I like mounts.  I use them because I like them.  They’re finished enough to look finished and give the flexibility to pick your own frame.  Also the ease of you getting it home and me getting them there, with neither of us having aching arms in the process. But now I’ve seen these framed and they’re freakin’ smart, yo.  Or however the cool kids are currently expressing delight at awesomely smart artwork.  

I’ll bring  mounted etchings and drawings too, though.  And awesome small press comic books for teenagers and adults, and quite possibly some other bits too.

MiNnie the market

MiNnie the market

*MiN.  Like Minnie.  As in the mouse, innit.

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