Spiky and fierce.

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I’ve been a busy young lady.  Here are 3 new etchings I’ve made:

  • ‘It’s cold’, icy cold snowflakes on black paper
  • ‘Wanted ted’, the full caption of which is Bearded teddy ate the ragdoll.  My mum say this is a bit violent but I think it’s awesome
  • ‘Wor Cathedral’, also known as St James’ Park the home of NUFC.  Almost a non-twee pair with this etching, ‘Wor Bridges‘.

Things I learned from this lot of etchings include:

  • I should probably get my mini comic explaining what an etching is and how to make one printed and online soon, like, to make it clear quite how much hard labour/chemistry/metalwork goes into making these delicate little lines
  • it’s possible to dip things in acid without splashing yourself (too liberally) with acid
  • it’s really difficult to photograph etchings clearly, particularly when they’re white ink on black paper
  • I really like making etchings.

I’m also setting myself up for all the craft markets in the world, ever.  These are:

And possibly a couple more dates to be arranged but then, looking at this list, I feel quite exhausted already.

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