Double the cold, double the fun.

Grainger Market, yo

3rd November Make and Mend

Hurrah! In these cold, wintry days (I thought it was still autumn, but oh no. It’s winter) there is a warm glowing feeling to be had at Make and Mend craft market.

Come say hello on Saturday 3rd November at Grainger Market in the very very centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, innit.

It's a what now?


And here’s a sneaky peek at some more wintry Novocastrian fun: there’s a fairly well-founded rumour that the Canny Comic Con is returning to Central Library on Saturday 8th December.

I bet you’re clever enough to click onto their website to see the full image of this stunningly beautiful (and awesomely terrifying) artwork by the elusive Cuttlefish.  Is he a man?  Is he a fish?  Is he a snackfood for budgies?  If you find out please let me know, these questions are starting to cause me concern.

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2 thoughts on “Double the cold, double the fun.

  1. Britt says:

    This makes me happy. Cuttlefish may also be a flavour of crisps that Brett had at comics night a little while back.

  2. hellolyd says:

    Yes! Cuttlefish and chocolate flavour, as I recall.

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