Celebrity Homes is a book of words and pictures about awesome houses and the legendary people who lived in them. It’s also the most super smashing great book I’ve ever made so far, and I’m incredibly proud of it. You know how parents buy their babies all manner of toys? I bought my book an ISBN number. Awww…

It includes epic tales of country music, George Orwell, education, history, biography, slang and bad jokes. This will come as no suprise to those who know me.

Anyway, on to the goods. Here’s a free online preview brought to you through the magic of the internet.

The 108-page hard copy beauty is currently with the printers and – NO WAIT, it’s arrived! 3 whole boxes of 100 whole copies.

If you’d like to buy a copy please click over to my Comicsy shop (it’s a new UK online shop for small press books). Also, check the top right of the front page of this blog for a list of craft markets and comics events I’ll be rocking*. The price of the book is £8 direct from me (plus postage for online sales), or £9.50 in shops. Yes, the man takes a cut but ‘the man’ in this case is decent local shops – if I can deal with this so can you.

If you’re more of a library-goer than a shopper, there’s a copy on its way to the British Library: a very awesome legal requirement of having an ISBN is that I must deposit a copy in the British Library. There are also copies on their way to the Lit and Phil in Newcastle and the Canny Little Library at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle.

If you’re a small press reviewer and interested in something to review then please holler at me.

*yeah, rocking is an exaggeration. Maybe But I’ll be there.

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7 thoughts on “Boook.

  1. Ashley Wright says:

    Good time to launch a book with the festive season upon us. Ok to send this to my wider group of friends?

    • hellolyd says:

      Thanks – more a function of how long it’s taken me to make this, but you’re right Mr Wright, ’tis the season. Yes, please share with friends. I’ll be updating my online shop in the next couple of days, it’ll be £8 a copy (but of course the free preview stays free).

  2. Whats happened to the traveling man Manchestoh? We love your stuff in the rainy city.

    • hellolyd says:

      Thanks, Manchester! The Geordie Travelling Man said the Mancunian Travelling Man is busy preparing for Thought Bubble comic con this week, so would I mind awfully waiting until after Thought Bubble before he asks if they’d like some more stock. Which is fair enough.

      If you want to ask the Mancunian Travelling Man (or his Leeds and York brothers) if he’s going to stock my new book then I’d encourage that sort of behaviour… or if you can’t wait that long I can do you an online order.

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  4. […] coffee-heads that they are, will be hosting a bijou* exhibition of original ink drawings from my booook, Celebrity Homes. ‘Original’ as in one-off, drawn by my hands, there’s only one of each drawing, […]

  5. […] sketchbook photos that give some indication of where I was when I drew the thing. My first big book Celebrity Homes was drawn from photos, and whilst I’m still mega proud of the book I think my drawing is […]

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