Thought Bubble yesterday was freakin’ awesome. I need to sit down and think about what I’ve done before writing any sort of review or whatever about that, but it was certainly freakin’ awesome.

In the mean time, information-lovers, I had an email from the very helpful business start-up advice people at Newcastle University Careers Service (for I am one of their graduates) asking for an update on that side of stuff. And I said:

Hello [name redacted],

Thanks for getting in touch. Business stuff is going well…

•I survived the completion of my first online tax return, but only just. Thank goodness that’s only once a year
•I’ve self-published my first paperback book – more info here
•I’m still selling my work online, and at craft fairs and comics events. This is going well. Yesterday I had half a table at Thought Bubble (a huge comic convention in Leeds) and sold a total of 21 books (some of the new paperback one, many older handmade ones)
•I have a huge backlog of recepits and sales sheets to input into my spreadsheet – I know how to do it, and that I should do it as I go along, but it’s boring
•Last week two of my prints were turned down by a gallery because, and I quote, ‘they’re not commercial enough, which isn’t to say they’re not good’. I’m ok with this, I’m proud of my work and entertained that galleries stay in business selling things that might not be so good but are commercially popular
•I’ve just about secured funding to set up a collaborative project to make an educational comic, which is very exciting indeed.

I hope that’s enough of an update. Thanks for the info about the Rise Up Pitch but it doesn’t sound like my sort of thing, I’m happy with my hobby-business and think it’s growing at a manageable rate.


And I thought that was all good news that I’d like to share with the world at large.

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2 thoughts on “Progress.

  1. Hello, it was lovely to meet you, I was the tired and muddy gent on the train from Leeds, I loved the idea of your book of Celebrity Houses, that I picked up a copy for myself at Travelling man, it’s a wonderful book, I really enjoyed reading it, the drawings are excellent and your words to accompany each house made me smile, I liked your reasoning with each new set of words, I will be buying more of your work and hope you sell lots.

  2. hellolyd says:

    Good to meet you too, hope you’ve now recovered from your endurance event. What an encouraging comment – thank you for buying my book, it sounds like its found a good home. .

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