So here’s what I’ve done recently.

Canny was canny like aye.  I bothered people into doodling on an etching plate and this is what that looks like.

The image on a canny print Multiple canny prints

Like a family photo, yes?

I was on a panel with the fella who writes Dennis the Menace (and writes and draws other awesome stuff), two arses, a medustrator, and a dotter.  I swapped books with the Costa book award-nominated Mary Talbot. I listened to a talk about art and comics and comics and art by a monumental artist. And sold books.  And ate Greek food.  And decided it’s probably worth watching Tank Girl as an actual film, not just as wallpaper for a drink’n’draw event.

Thought Bubble was good.

Thought Bubble table

I sold books and spoke with people about science comics and was glad to be in the pleasantly bustling hall rather than the oppressively busy hall.  My book also got it mentioned in a ‘best of Thought Bubble’ list, which was ace and necessitated the introduction of my own list linking to other people’s lists in which my work is mentioned.

Tyneside Christmas Market was good.

Blurry but better

I took it upon myself to redraw their flipchart sign so I might not be allowed back, but nevermind.

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