Preparing coffee

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Guess what guess what guess what guess what oh I’d better just tell you then.

Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle, delightfully caffeinated coffee-heads that they are, are hosting a bijou* exhibition of original ink drawings from my booook, Celebrity Homes. ‘Original’ as in one-off, drawn by my hands, there’s only one of each drawing, there are no prints, no you can’t have it in a choice of colours and sizes and does it match the upholstery.

The best that could happen is that I hang the pictures, the Pink Lane Coffee staff and customers have new pictures at which to look at upon, everybody learns something about houses and celebrities**, maybe some people buy books, maybe some people buy pictures, everybody drinks coffee and leaves slightly happier than before.

Preparing coffee

The worst that could happen is that I get overexcited about having an exhibition and decide to DRINK ALL THE COFFEE in a faintly ridiculous attempt to calm down, then bounce off the very walls upon which I’m supposed to be hanging my drawings on upon alongside and wreck both the drawings and the coffee shop. This is, sadly, a very real danger***.

Uh, yeah. The exhibition begins on Wednesday 29th May 2013. Here’s my brand new tumblr, too.

And I’ve gotten myself some fancy not-very-businesslike business cards for the occasion oooooooh.

Card trick

*small and awesome
**celebrities as in awesome people. Not the losers in this week’s trash magazines.
***but if anyone from Pink Lane Coffee is reading this, please be assured that I’m a very sensible person and promise not to break your very hip coffee shop.

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