Ma ma ma ma

I made an etching for my mum’s birthday and now she’s had her very happy birthday I can share photos of it without spoiling the surprise for her.

It’s a peacock, you know:

Showoff framed

It’s a peacock made of two separate hard-ground etchings stitched together with golden thread, you know.

Showoff closeup

This is number 1 of an edition of 8. This means I have seven more etchings to sew and then put up for sale, you know. When I have time in between all the roadrunning.

I’m particularly proud of the fancy shape and multilayeredness and sewing but most of all I’m proud of washing my hands so very many times whilst printing this so I didn’t smudge the paper.

The title of this blog post sounds much nicer in Chinese, you know.

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