Hey you look so chilled and there are no bags under your eyes

I’ve been busy, darn it.

I etched for the 20:20 print exchange. My etching is called ‘Can I touch your beard?’ True story: the day after submitting these etchings a pal o’mine was complaining about people touching his beard.

I upholstered a chair from this:
Can I touch your beard?

to this:
New chair
And have finished upholstering one and a half of two other chairs.

I made a well good pasta bake. Dry macaroni, cauliflower, fried bacon and leeks, cheesey bechamel sauce, grated cheese, in the oven, BOOM.
Pasta bake

OH YEAH AND I EDITOR IN CHIEF’ED 10000 COMICS. Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic is a beautiful and wonderful thing made by the 76 best people in the world …ever and it launches on Saturday 7th September at the British Science Festival and it’s free and I have so much to do before launch day I’d better get on with it.

Better blogging once, y’know, I’ve shifted the 9999 comics that are not the one I’m currently looking longingly at.

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