For what it’s worth.

The internet is a big place.

This ( is my WordPress blog.  It used to be my only web thing so had all manner of stuff, but I’m now trying to use it as a place for longer posts, for example posts about finished projects or bringing together things that would otherwise be lost as quick posts on other sites. is my tumblr.  I’m currently using this for work in progress pictures, quick scribbly comics, and reposting awesome stuff other people have posted on tumblr. is my twitter.  I’m currently using this for chatting about nonsense, particularly comics-related nonsense.  Mostly text, some web links, some photos, some sharing of links to blog/tumblr/Instagram posts.  I don’t think I’ve set up these other accounts to automatically post updates to twitter because I don’t like it when other people post automatic notifications, but the odd one might sneak in because understanding the settings on accounts is com-pli-ca-ted. is my Instagram.  I’m currently using this for photos of awesome things as I potter about, and for some travel photos.  I’m a recent convert to fancy modern phones, so am overexcited about the filters and frames and unnecessary effects that Instagram encourages me to add to photos. is the Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic website, for the comic what I made with a team of awesome people.

I have shops on Etsy and Comicsy and need to tidy them up.

I’m on Facebook but am largely bored of it.  

I’m on Flickr but not sure I like it.

So, uh, yeah.  I’ll tidy up my internet at some point but at the moment MAKING COMICS is taking priority and I’m fine with that.


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