Just make some comics already.


Make Comics

That link there right above this sentence here, right?  That’s a PDF of a double-mini comic.  Or two back-to-back mini comics, if you prefer.  You can print one for yourself and give away extras with some sort of educational intent, like.

One side I made as a textbook to use at a comics workshop about handmade comics, to jump start a discussion about what counts as handmade in the making of comics.  I’m not averse to computers.  I am fond of seeing comics that have been made by people, not so polished and Photoshop’d that you lose all sight of the creator. I am fed up of ‘handmade’ being attached to every gosh darn anything at craft markets, in greetings card shops and on the high street.  I don’t think handmade is a synonym for twee.  I’m increasingly aware of how much computer savvy is needed to digitally print hand-drawn comics that don’t look murky.  So anyway.  I think there’s a discussion to be had about what is or isn’t a handmade comic, so the one side of this mini comic gets people to enough of a common brain space to have that discussion.

The other side I made at the comics workshop, about how sometimes people freak out when making comics.


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