Beer Street and Gin Lane.


Yes Beer and Yes Gin are my newest prints for sale.

They’re both lino cuts (draw an image, transfer it onto a sheet of lino remembering that it’ll come out backwards, cut out the bits that won’t hold ink, prepare paper, prepare ink, roll ink onto lino, put inked lino and prepared paper into press, press press, unpress press, gently put paper onto the drying rack, tidy up the lino, then do it all again).  


They both have one part inked solid black, and one part inked as a gradient.  Inking gradient colours is a bit tricky but very satisfying when it all comes nice. 


I’ll not be making other boozes.  The Hogarthian awesomeness/awfulness of gin and beer means it’s ok to treat gin and beer in this way, but any more would be irresponsible and boring.


Yes Gin and Yes Beer are each a numbered edition of 50.  Each one is a little bit unique, because that’s how printmaking works.  They’ll fit a 7.5″x5.5″ mount in a standard frame size.

They’re for sale at Northern Print gallery shop, from me at Comic Art Festival in Kendal and Thought Bubble in Leeds, and oh yeah I’d better sort out my online shop too.  Or email me and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.  They cost £30 each (this includes UK postage; international postage is extortionate so I’ll split the cost with you).

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