This is my stall at Comic Art Festival, Kendal, this weekend. Super fast blog post before the Scott McCloud talk…. GO!


Trails, my new comic book, launches this weekend. £8, with a free linocut whilst stocks last.


Giant comics! Two one-off arty comic scrapbooks which you’re very welcome to read for free (or buy for, umm, lots).


Celebrity Homes, my first perfect bound book. Only a few copies left of the 100 copy print run, £8.


Linocuts and etchings. They’re prints (like, messy ink workshop prints, not print out of a computer prints) and comics (some one panel, some multi-panel). £8-£30 each, etchings come with a free etching comic.


Radio On anthology, making its convention debut, in which I have a comic. £4.


Asteroid Belter, only a few print copies left in the world (we printed 10,000), still flipping awesome. £FREE http://www.newcastlesciencecomic.blogspot.co.uk


Pancho and Lefty, the comic I made when I was recovering from minor hand surgery. It’s left handed, I’m not. £swaps (for a comic, for coffee, for stuff).


Lino cut cards with speech bubbles on. They’re fun. Packs of 2, hello/hello or yes/no (to keep karmic balance, if you say yes to one thing you oughta say no to another). £5/pack of 2.

Applied Comics Etc business cards. Ooooh… http://www.appliedcomicsetc.com

Umm, see you this weekend? If you tell me you read this blog post you can have one of my zine-y comics for free (whilst stocks last, obv.)

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  1. […] time I show my work at an event I get cranky if I don’t have time to have a look round the town/city in which the event is […]

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