This blog post comes to you from me on the bus from Newcastle to Leeds for Comics Forum and Thought Bubble. It’s a summary of why I’m excited, hungry, and running off the very fumes of exhaustion, in the form of a list of stuff I’m particularly looking forward to talking about/swapping/selling.
1. AppliedComicsEtc.com
Applied Comics Etc has been evolving since the very earliest days of Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic as a way to do more comics + research/engagement/education projects. We (me + collaborators) have piloted projects over the summer, I’m in the middle of one, and I’m achingly close to confirming more.

2. Trails
Trails: a book about travel, history, and being a slug is my new comic book. There are previews all over the internet. It costs £8 and comes with a free linocut.

3. Pancho and Lefty
Pancho and Lefty: a left-handed comic is a comic I made earlier this year when recovering from minor surgery on my right (drawing) hand. I’ve been proper delighted that people seem to like this proper odd comic. It can only be acquired by swapping (for a comic, for a drink, for no reasonable offer refused) because I’m uneasy about selling a comic based on someone else’s lyrics.

4. GIANT comics
Eight stories 2008-2014 and Dublin are two one-off scrapbook comics. I might sell them for full-on Fine Art Prices but until then they’re free to read.
5. #inktober
I made a giant mini comic of my #inktober comic what I done posted on the twitter. I’ve printed 100 to give away free.

6. Prints
I need to write a blog post about my righteous indignation at perfectly nice computer printouts being sold as if they’re printmaking prints. Until (and beyond) then, I have a small stand of linocuts, letterpress, and hard ground etchings (£8-30 each) and linocut and monoprint cards (2 cards per pack, £5).

So yeah. Also some awesome business cards, a folder of originals from my contributions to anthologies (Paper Jam Comics Collective, Radio On, and Double Nickels), and, y’know, stuff.

156B New Dock Hall. If we run out of comics things to talk about, my new favourite song is Taylor Swift’s Shake it off. It’s complicated. We could talk about that.

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