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#inktober was fun.  I made a comic.  I printed 100 copies of it as a giant minicomic and gave them away at Thought Bubble.

Here’s my #inktober comic as a free PDF  You can download it, print it, fold it, and read it for your own entertainment.  Trying to read it on screen may well drive you loopy – it’s designed to be read in hard copy.

(Print it black&white on A3 paper, double sided.  I think it flips on the short edge.  Fold it like a mini comic then cut a sliver out of its middle – here’s another instructional minicomic on how to make mini comics)

If that sounds too much like hard work… eh, comics are hard work.  Get used to it.  I have a couple of printed copies left if you’d like to swap, but other than that I have no plans to reprint this comic.  At the moment I’m happy with 50 to 100 copy print runs for my comics, printed as well as possible and with some handmade-ness to them.  Celebrity Homes has almost sold out of its 100 copy print run after two years.  Trails has been selling quite merrily since its launch in October this year.  I have a handful of copies of Pancho and Lefty left and am just about out of older comics and zines.  This turnover seems enough to keep me entertained, fill a table at comics events (with prints too, there’s a fuzzy boundary between my printmaking and my comicsmaking), and not have storage headaches.  Mostly to keep me entertained and making more comics, though.

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