Two main bits of news, I reckon.

One, I’m still making all the comics. Over the holidays I had a good old nostalgic look through the archive of comics I’ve made (lovingly archived on a bookshelf by my dear mother). They’re good. I can see I’ve made progress in both the content and the production values of my comics. This year I’m going to have a particular focus on further improving my production values. At the moment I have three comics in progress, each involving plenty of planning and gosh darn hard work. I like this.

Two, I think I started my PhD today. In Education, focussing on comics, part time for the next 6ish years. It’s taken a fair chunk of work to get this far, with a whole chunk more (hmm, probably many chunks more) on the horizon. With good support from some good people.  I like this too.  I’m going to try to do some sort of diary comics to keep myself entertained… it won’t be every day, but I hope it’ll persist.  Here’s my first one:


2 thoughts on “Newses.

  1. Dr H says:

    Excellent news! Looking forward to reading your new comics and hearing more about your research.

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