Peer pair pears.

image Here’s my new comic(s). It/they be great.

“Contains weapons-grade jokes about pears” – Terry Wiley

Zen puns about fruit” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International blog

UNpearABLE is a book of 8 short comics about pears.  I drew these comics at Grainger Market, Newcastle.  That’s the easy bit. UNpearABLE is one book, two ways.  Look see: image image See? One way has comics laser printed on office paper, holepunched string-tied bindings, and a cover scanned and laser printed from a letterpress print. Open edition of however many I want to make (50 so far, maybe more later). image Another way has comics laser printed in cartridge paper, hand sewn binding, scored and folded covers, with a hand-printed letter press title. Limited edition of 30 books. image Y’all remember letterpress, right? image image image One way took less time, skill and cheaper materials. Another way took more time, skill, more expensive materials, and print studio hire. It’s not inherently better/worse, it’s just different. That’s all. One way costs £2.50 (one book). Another way costs £10 (both books, because you shouldn’t go forgetting your roots). This includes UK postage (overseas postage is at cost price, minus the UK postage rate so it works out fair). I’ll update this blog post with an online shop link after this weekend’s launch at Sunderland Comic Convention. Here’s the online shop link:


Here’s another peek inside: imageimage

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3 thoughts on “Peer pair pears.

  1. […] like totally talked about my book UNpearABLE at the BALTIC Artist’s Book Market on 11th July 2015, and now the video recording’s up […]

  2. […] out Lydia’s web site at for details of how to buy direct (there’s more on the project here) or follow her on Twitter […]

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