Double plus good.

Happy bewildered face

I like totally talked about my book UNpearABLE at the BALTIC Artist’s Book Market on 11th July 2015, and now the video recording’s up on their archive BALTIC+. That’s a photo of my drawing of my happy-bewildered face, up there all huge on the big screen when setting up for my talk.

I was glad to talk and am glad to be in the archive.  My talk was about the similarity and difference of taking essentially the same work to both artist’s book markets alongside small press publishers, and to comics conventions alongside small press publishers.  The same phrase crops up in both worlds, see, though they’re very different environments.

My art-y work is spread thin at the moment, as am I.  Comics and art-y books are still a thing.  Collaborative comics projects through Applied Comics Etc are still very much a thing, with three comics on the way this summer.  Clever stuff to do with comics is as co-host of Applied Comics Network, and my PhD – which is cracking on nicely at the moment, lots of reading and the start of some writing.  My new job has so far involved drawing, web design, and animation (using web-based tools, not from scratch), as well as education and language research tasks.  When I talk – informally or as a presentation/workshop – about any one of these strands, the others at least get a mention too.  And I like that.

If you’re inclined to buy a book, here’s a link to my Comicsy shop.  If you’re inclined to read the comics, scroll back through my Tumblr. 

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