Double double dare.

Well now if it hasn’t been far too long since my last blogging. I’ve been busy doing, so let’s have this post as the start of catching up with telling you, the internet, all about it.


Double dare (photo above) is a 12″ square letterpress print. I’m entering it for Northern Print‘s annual ‘Footprints’ studio members’ exhibition. I made it using wooden type, ink, and a geet heavy Adana printing press, like in the olden days. Two colours of ink, overlapping to make a puzzling-but-still-legible image.

I enjoyed playing around with wooden type. It’s a welcome break from the computer-based work that’s needed to make non-computer creative things happen. This year has been a busy one for Applied Comics Etc (my organisation for collaborative comics + research + education projects,  publishing, and workshops), my part-time PhD studies, and my day job in educational research. Printmaking continues to be a different sort of creative fun, using my physical as well as my mental skills.


Dare dare (photo above) is another one-off letterpress print, made using the same wooden type at the end of a printmaking studio session. Black ink, printed twice, in an 8″x6″ red mount.

Have you done something brave this year? Something daring enough to deserve this print? Leave a comment below or on twitter (@Lyd_w), then at the end of October 2015 I’ll post Dare dare to the person whose comment I like best. Print claimed and posted out in November 2015.


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