Anda nother one.

This year I had an honest-to-goodness summer holiday. I went to Andalusia (southern Spain), it was sunny and glorious, and I drew. It wasn’t a work trip, and it wasn’t a few days of holiday added to a conference or convention. It was a holiday.

Here’s the photo version of my sketchbook:

And here’s more about the fancy augmented printed version of my sketchbook.

Here’s how the magic in the video works:

  1. buy the printed sketchbook for £3 (I’ll have printed sketchbooks at Thought Bubble (table 96, New Dock Hall), then at Paperjammening, then will sort online shop stuff after that)
  2. download the free Aurasma app, and find my channel (username: lyd_w)
  3. using the app, take a picture of the last panel of each sketch to see magically (technologically) augmented content.
  4. fiddle with the app settings until step 3 works (note: this book is an experiment. It might need some fiddling).

This only works from the printed sketchbook, not from the photos. But here are some photos anyway:

1_drwg 1_photo

That’s Plaza de Espana, in Fuengirola.

9_drwg 9_photo

That’s Plaza de Espana, Seville (site of the 1929 Expo).

18_drwg 18_photo

That’s Calle Espana in Fuengirola, from the post office steps.



That’s the plane home.

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