New (?) comics game

Comics Tic Tac Toe might just be the best new comics game invented today. At least, inaugurators me and Paul Thompson reckon it’s new. Unless it already exists and we just didn’t know.



Here are some necessary/arbitrary rules:
1. It’s a 2 player game
2. It’s best played in a pub
3. Draw a grid of 9 panels
4. Take turns to draw a panel. Play like it’s noughts & crosses (also known as tic tac toe) – connect panels in a straight line to win, then continue to finish the comic.
5. All comics must be readable as comics. They don’t have to be good, but they have to be readable. Well, at least aim to make it readable.

Extra credit gameplay analysis by Paul Thompson: “splendid – I felt that some attempt to work crosses into my panels was important after yours started with a circle…”

(see, I was going for a chubby face, but it read as a circle. Should this have been a rule? Should the O player have drawn O-based things and the X player drawn X-based things?)


The Thompson Variation: you can call an end to the game when there are still blank panels if you reckon the comic has reached peak comic. Making good comics is better than winning a game.

Other variations are entirely possible.

It’d be smart to use different coloured pens to keep track of who drew which panel.

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