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Everyone with a nose should picket.






































Comic in support of for fair pensions. Making comics is good stress relief, as is seeing so many supportive colleagues and students.

Updated to include day 2: some positive signs of progress, still a long way to go.
Day 3: snow, support, and strengthened logistics.
Day 4: grateful for excessive use of GIFs and for gritting lorry drivers.
Day 5: glimmers of hope

Day 6: solidarity in comics form
Day 7: solidarity continues
Day 8: media coverage
Day 9: solidarity through comics and booze

Day 10: The Thick Of It fanfiction
Day 11: the power of beeps
Day 12: we are institutionalised
Day 13: a university is a big school
Day 14: la lutte continue

Action short of strike week one: back to work but not quite back to normal
Action short of strike week two: this has gone on too long to quit now
Action short of strike week three: the emperor’s underpants are unravelling
Action short of strike week four: nostalgic about the future

Limbo one: hello is this thing on?
Limbo two: maybe nobody knows anything anyway
Limbo three: bad ideas agency strikes again
Limbo four: an overwhelming surplus of diggity
Limbo five: they said I’d better take anything they’d got

Extra-cautious disclaimer: this comic represents my view. For official UCU (University & College Union) info on the strike, see

If you enjoyed reading this comic, please consider donating to the UCU Fighting Fund if you are able to. It helps support people whose wages are docked because they’ve taken part in industrial action.

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I’m launching two new comics but have still succumbed to the annual scramble to pack some other stuff for my Thought Bubble stall. 

Reminder: new comics are Junk and Departures.

Other stuff is:

  • Portfolio. These are mini-assortments of original drawings, printmaking experiments, and cool bits of paper, chopped and sewn up as books. Each one different. Affordable one-offs are a good thing, and it may well be an idea to revisit in future. There are 8 in this run, £5 each.

  • Hand-bound upcycled geometric hipster artisanal mini books. You know the patterned insides of envelopes? I made some (lots and lots) into little books. It was good sewing practice and good stress relief. I’m like totally over hipster-ness and the plague of colouring books, so I gave them a pretentious name. There’s a bowlful of ’em, £1 each. 

A few prints (linocuts and etchings)  too.

Older comics and books are:

  • Trails 
  • Andalusia 
  • Celebrity Homes 
  • UNpearABLE.

The other half of my table will be full of free Applied Comics Etc (including Newcastle Science Comic) delights: 

  • print versions of comics (comics + research/archives collaborations) from this year and recent years
  • zine-y version of a presentation I gave at BCCS this year, on 3 projects using comics as a method 
  • Newcastle Science Comic stickers 
  • the world’s most beautiful business cards.

Limited quantities of free printed copies, free digital versions online, lots of chat and opinions.

More opinions to be had by asking me (and John Swogger, and Ian Horton) about Applied Comics Network, as we’re planning a planning meeting about future plans there. 

This Sat-Sun 5-6 November 2016, Leeds Royal Armouries, New Dock Hall, heading towards the back right corner. See you there innit. 

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This blog post comes to you from me on the bus from Newcastle to Leeds for Comics Forum and Thought Bubble. It’s a summary of why I’m excited, hungry, and running off the very fumes of exhaustion, in the form of a list of stuff I’m particularly looking forward to talking about/swapping/selling.
Applied Comics Etc has been evolving since the very earliest days of Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic as a way to do more comics + research/engagement/education projects. We (me + collaborators) have piloted projects over the summer, I’m in the middle of one, and I’m achingly close to confirming more.

2. Trails
Trails: a book about travel, history, and being a slug is my new comic book. There are previews all over the internet. It costs £8 and comes with a free linocut.

3. Pancho and Lefty
Pancho and Lefty: a left-handed comic is a comic I made earlier this year when recovering from minor surgery on my right (drawing) hand. I’ve been proper delighted that people seem to like this proper odd comic. It can only be acquired by swapping (for a comic, for a drink, for no reasonable offer refused) because I’m uneasy about selling a comic based on someone else’s lyrics.

4. GIANT comics
Eight stories 2008-2014 and Dublin are two one-off scrapbook comics. I might sell them for full-on Fine Art Prices but until then they’re free to read.
5. #inktober
I made a giant mini comic of my #inktober comic what I done posted on the twitter. I’ve printed 100 to give away free.

6. Prints
I need to write a blog post about my righteous indignation at perfectly nice computer printouts being sold as if they’re printmaking prints. Until (and beyond) then, I have a small stand of linocuts, letterpress, and hard ground etchings (£8-30 each) and linocut and monoprint cards (2 cards per pack, £5).

So yeah. Also some awesome business cards, a folder of originals from my contributions to anthologies (Paper Jam Comics Collective, Radio On, and Double Nickels), and, y’know, stuff.

156B New Dock Hall. If we run out of comics things to talk about, my new favourite song is Taylor Swift’s Shake it off. It’s complicated. We could talk about that.

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This is my stall at Comic Art Festival, Kendal, this weekend. Super fast blog post before the Scott McCloud talk…. GO!


Trails, my new comic book, launches this weekend. £8, with a free linocut whilst stocks last.


Giant comics! Two one-off arty comic scrapbooks which you’re very welcome to read for free (or buy for, umm, lots).


Celebrity Homes, my first perfect bound book. Only a few copies left of the 100 copy print run, £8.


Linocuts and etchings. They’re prints (like, messy ink workshop prints, not print out of a computer prints) and comics (some one panel, some multi-panel). £8-£30 each, etchings come with a free etching comic.


Radio On anthology, making its convention debut, in which I have a comic. £4.


Asteroid Belter, only a few print copies left in the world (we printed 10,000), still flipping awesome. £FREE


Pancho and Lefty, the comic I made when I was recovering from minor hand surgery. It’s left handed, I’m not. £swaps (for a comic, for coffee, for stuff).


Lino cut cards with speech bubbles on. They’re fun. Packs of 2, hello/hello or yes/no (to keep karmic balance, if you say yes to one thing you oughta say no to another). £5/pack of 2.

Applied Comics Etc business cards. Ooooh…

Umm, see you this weekend? If you tell me you read this blog post you can have one of my zine-y comics for free (whilst stocks last, obv.)

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Just make some comics already.


Make Comics

That link there right above this sentence here, right?  That’s a PDF of a double-mini comic.  Or two back-to-back mini comics, if you prefer.  You can print one for yourself and give away extras with some sort of educational intent, like.

One side I made as a textbook to use at a comics workshop about handmade comics, to jump start a discussion about what counts as handmade in the making of comics.  I’m not averse to computers.  I am fond of seeing comics that have been made by people, not so polished and Photoshop’d that you lose all sight of the creator. I am fed up of ‘handmade’ being attached to every gosh darn anything at craft markets, in greetings card shops and on the high street.  I don’t think handmade is a synonym for twee.  I’m increasingly aware of how much computer savvy is needed to digitally print hand-drawn comics that don’t look murky.  So anyway.  I think there’s a discussion to be had about what is or isn’t a handmade comic, so the one side of this mini comic gets people to enough of a common brain space to have that discussion.

The other side I made at the comics workshop, about how sometimes people freak out when making comics.


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On the deserts down in Mexico.

Here’s the 411 on my new comic.


It’s called Pancho and Lefty (a left-handed comic).  I drew it with my left hand because my right hand was out of commission after a minor operation (but is now on the mend).

It has 28 pages, all in.

The cover is hand printed in three colurways: bubbles blue, bloodstain red, and cash money yellow.

The bindings are machine stitched.

The only way to acquire it is by swapping.  No selling.  Here’s why:


And yeah, also because I like swaps.  Face to face swaps and postal swaps are both a-ok with me.

Speak up if you fancy a swap.

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And the day after, and that’s yer lot.









That’s the last of the comics I made during and about my weekend in Dublin.  There are trendy photos on Instagram (username: lydwlydw).

Ok tired now bye.

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