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Eee pet what’s tha’?

Grainger Zine

It’s a preview of a collaborative zine that the hyper-talented Rose Greenfield and I started making today whilst doing a Make & Mend craft market at Grainger Market.

That’s all the information you’re getting at this stage, nosy parker. You can have more information when it’s finished.

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Double the cold, double the fun.

Grainger Market, yo

3rd November Make and Mend

Hurrah! In these cold, wintry days (I thought it was still autumn, but oh no. It’s winter) there is a warm glowing feeling to be had at Make and Mend craft market.

Come say hello on Saturday 3rd November at Grainger Market in the very very centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, innit.

It's a what now?


And here’s a sneaky peek at some more wintry Novocastrian fun: there’s a fairly well-founded rumour that the Canny Comic Con is returning to Central Library on Saturday 8th December.

I bet you’re clever enough to click onto their website to see the full image of this stunningly beautiful (and awesomely terrifying) artwork by the elusive Cuttlefish.  Is he a man?  Is he a fish?  Is he a snackfood for budgies?  If you find out please let me know, these questions are starting to cause me concern.

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Spiky and fierce.

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I’ve been a busy young lady.  Here are 3 new etchings I’ve made:

  • ‘It’s cold’, icy cold snowflakes on black paper
  • ‘Wanted ted’, the full caption of which is Bearded teddy ate the ragdoll.  My mum say this is a bit violent but I think it’s awesome
  • ‘Wor Cathedral’, also known as St James’ Park the home of NUFC.  Almost a non-twee pair with this etching, ‘Wor Bridges‘.

Things I learned from this lot of etchings include:

  • I should probably get my mini comic explaining what an etching is and how to make one printed and online soon, like, to make it clear quite how much hard labour/chemistry/metalwork goes into making these delicate little lines
  • it’s possible to dip things in acid without splashing yourself (too liberally) with acid
  • it’s really difficult to photograph etchings clearly, particularly when they’re white ink on black paper
  • I really like making etchings.

I’m also setting myself up for all the craft markets in the world, ever.  These are:

And possibly a couple more dates to be arranged but then, looking at this list, I feel quite exhausted already.

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These etchings, yes genuine hardground etchings, are the reasons I have acid stains on my arms. It kinda looks like spashes of very orange fake tan.


I did an etching course at the lovely and amazing Northern Print. It involved more metalwork and manual labour than I’d anticipated, which is a very good and enjoyable thing indeed.

‘Wor Bridges’ is, umm, based on Newcastle’s beautiful bridges. ‘The Commuter’ is a dodo because of the Parisian commuters.

So last weekend I etched and was exhausted, this week I got mounts sorted out, and this weekend I will be a half-a-stallholder at the Make and Mend Market at Grainger Market. Which may well make me exhausted again. Oh, and very very happy throughout the whole process.

Maybe when I’m less exhausted I’ll take some less rubbish photos of the etchings.

(mini) Make and Mend Market poster

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