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Leeeeds coooomics 

See that? That’s my planned table setup for Thought Bubble comics convention 2017. Leeds Town Hall Marquee table 37 might just buckle under the weight of many comics including :

  • Research questionnaire. Fill in a questionnaire about comics you’ve read, get a free sticker and an infocomic and the knowledge that you’ve taken part in my PhD research about reading British comics. The questionnaire is in comics form and will take maybe 7mins to fill in – good if you want a break from wandering round, or want to do something comics-y that doesn’t involve spending money. It’ll take a bit of thought but not too deep – the second stage of my research involves more indepth interviews with comics readers, this questionnaire is a stepping stone to that second stage. 
  • Applied Comics Etc collaborations. Free comics, all made in partnership with researchers, archives, kids, sweeeet comics creators. Promo postcards for Freedom City Comics anthology are hot off the press (launches in Newcastle 1st October) 
  • Comic Swap library. Read the well wikkid comics made by kids’ comics clubs, swapped earlier this year as part of a postal swap run by Hannah Sackett and I.
  • Applied Comics Network. Free badges, free chat about overambitous plans coordinated by John Swogger, Ian Horton and I. 
  • My comics and books. To swap with comics you’ve made, or coffee/tea/snacks, or for sale (various prices from £1 stamp books to £13 double comic). Say the secret password ‘I like your office wallpaper’ and get a free gift with any swap or purchase of my solo work, whilst stocks last.

If you’re around on Thursday/Friday come to Comics Forum conference – I’ll be presenting about my questionnaire & PhD research, and involved in running an Applied Comics Network workshop. 

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I’m launching two new comics but have still succumbed to the annual scramble to pack some other stuff for my Thought Bubble stall. 

Reminder: new comics are Junk and Departures.

Other stuff is:

  • Portfolio. These are mini-assortments of original drawings, printmaking experiments, and cool bits of paper, chopped and sewn up as books. Each one different. Affordable one-offs are a good thing, and it may well be an idea to revisit in future. There are 8 in this run, £5 each.

  • Hand-bound upcycled geometric hipster artisanal mini books. You know the patterned insides of envelopes? I made some (lots and lots) into little books. It was good sewing practice and good stress relief. I’m like totally over hipster-ness and the plague of colouring books, so I gave them a pretentious name. There’s a bowlful of ’em, £1 each. 

A few prints (linocuts and etchings)  too.

Older comics and books are:

  • Trails 
  • Andalusia 
  • Celebrity Homes 
  • UNpearABLE.

The other half of my table will be full of free Applied Comics Etc (including Newcastle Science Comic) delights: 

  • print versions of comics (comics + research/archives collaborations) from this year and recent years
  • zine-y version of a presentation I gave at BCCS this year, on 3 projects using comics as a method 
  • Newcastle Science Comic stickers 
  • the world’s most beautiful business cards.

Limited quantities of free printed copies, free digital versions online, lots of chat and opinions.

More opinions to be had by asking me (and John Swogger, and Ian Horton) about Applied Comics Network, as we’re planning a planning meeting about future plans there. 

This Sat-Sun 5-6 November 2016, Leeds Royal Armouries, New Dock Hall, heading towards the back right corner. See you there innit. 

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Big heavy suitcase o’comics.


See that?  That’s roughly what my Thought Bubble stall will look like. Featuring:

* Andalusia: an augmented summer holiday sketchbook (£3; optional extra content online or using free Aurasma app)
* Diner devotional (£10)
UNpearABLE (£2.50 one way, £10 another way)
* Trails: a book about travel, history, and being a slug (£8, with free linocut)
* Pancho & Lefty: a lefthanded comic (swaps only)
* Celebrity Homes: a book of words and pictures of awesome houses and the legendary people who lived in them (£8).

I’ll also have some unmounted prints (hard ground etchings, and letterpress). I haven’t come up with a specific convention offer, so it’ll be something like ‘hey you’ve either bought loads drom me over the years or are buying multiple books today – would you like a print?’

Well, that’s half of it anyway. Here’s what the Applied Comics Etc half of the stall will look like.


These are all collaborative projects. Featuring:

* Gertrude Bell: Archaeologist, writer, explorer (free digital-online-hyperlinked comics; free printed preview)
* Spineless: The Newcastle Science Comic (free 16-page newsprint comic; also free to read online) + free exhibition postcards
* True War Stories No.1: Thomas Baker Brown (free 12-page printed comic; also free downloadable resources online)
* Draw More Comics: The Thomas Baker Brown WWI comics anthology (anthology of high school students’ comics, £5 cost price).
*examples of our ‘Etc’ work: Comics event scrapbook with Newcastle, Gateshead,  and Stockton libraries,  and Get Your Facts Right research protocol.

See the Applied Comics Etc website for details and full credits for comics creatirs and other collaborators. And/or, stop by and chat – table 96, New Dock Hall, Leeds.

Oh, and really good business cards too.

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This blog post comes to you from me on the bus from Newcastle to Leeds for Comics Forum and Thought Bubble. It’s a summary of why I’m excited, hungry, and running off the very fumes of exhaustion, in the form of a list of stuff I’m particularly looking forward to talking about/swapping/selling.
1. AppliedComicsEtc.com
Applied Comics Etc has been evolving since the very earliest days of Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic as a way to do more comics + research/engagement/education projects. We (me + collaborators) have piloted projects over the summer, I’m in the middle of one, and I’m achingly close to confirming more.

2. Trails
Trails: a book about travel, history, and being a slug is my new comic book. There are previews all over the internet. It costs £8 and comes with a free linocut.

3. Pancho and Lefty
Pancho and Lefty: a left-handed comic is a comic I made earlier this year when recovering from minor surgery on my right (drawing) hand. I’ve been proper delighted that people seem to like this proper odd comic. It can only be acquired by swapping (for a comic, for a drink, for no reasonable offer refused) because I’m uneasy about selling a comic based on someone else’s lyrics.

4. GIANT comics
Eight stories 2008-2014 and Dublin are two one-off scrapbook comics. I might sell them for full-on Fine Art Prices but until then they’re free to read.
5. #inktober
I made a giant mini comic of my #inktober comic what I done posted on the twitter. I’ve printed 100 to give away free.

6. Prints
I need to write a blog post about my righteous indignation at perfectly nice computer printouts being sold as if they’re printmaking prints. Until (and beyond) then, I have a small stand of linocuts, letterpress, and hard ground etchings (£8-30 each) and linocut and monoprint cards (2 cards per pack, £5).

So yeah. Also some awesome business cards, a folder of originals from my contributions to anthologies (Paper Jam Comics Collective, Radio On, and Double Nickels), and, y’know, stuff.

156B New Dock Hall. If we run out of comics things to talk about, my new favourite song is Taylor Swift’s Shake it off. It’s complicated. We could talk about that.

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So here’s what I’ve done recently.

Canny was canny like aye.  I bothered people into doodling on an etching plate and this is what that looks like.

The image on a canny print Multiple canny prints

Like a family photo, yes?

I was on a panel with the fella who writes Dennis the Menace (and writes and draws other awesome stuff), two arses, a medustrator, and a dotter.  I swapped books with the Costa book award-nominated Mary Talbot. I listened to a talk about art and comics and comics and art by a monumental artist. And sold books.  And ate Greek food.  And decided it’s probably worth watching Tank Girl as an actual film, not just as wallpaper for a drink’n’draw event.

Thought Bubble was good.

Thought Bubble table

I sold books and spoke with people about science comics and was glad to be in the pleasantly bustling hall rather than the oppressively busy hall.  My book also got it mentioned in a ‘best of Thought Bubble’ list, which was ace and necessitated the introduction of my own list linking to other people’s lists in which my work is mentioned.

Tyneside Christmas Market was good.

Blurry but better

I took it upon myself to redraw their flipchart sign so I might not be allowed back, but nevermind.

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Spiky and fierce.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been a busy young lady.  Here are 3 new etchings I’ve made:

  • ‘It’s cold’, icy cold snowflakes on black paper
  • ‘Wanted ted’, the full caption of which is Bearded teddy ate the ragdoll.  My mum say this is a bit violent but I think it’s awesome
  • ‘Wor Cathedral’, also known as St James’ Park the home of NUFC.  Almost a non-twee pair with this etching, ‘Wor Bridges‘.

Things I learned from this lot of etchings include:

  • I should probably get my mini comic explaining what an etching is and how to make one printed and online soon, like, to make it clear quite how much hard labour/chemistry/metalwork goes into making these delicate little lines
  • it’s possible to dip things in acid without splashing yourself (too liberally) with acid
  • it’s really difficult to photograph etchings clearly, particularly when they’re white ink on black paper
  • I really like making etchings.

I’m also setting myself up for all the craft markets in the world, ever.  These are:

And possibly a couple more dates to be arranged but then, looking at this list, I feel quite exhausted already.

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