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Your Xmas card 2016.

I don’t much care for Christmas but I do love sending Christmas cards. It’s good to keep in touch, to send art, and to afford the time and materials to do so.

This year’s card is a tree printed on brown card (made from trees, oh the cannibalism). It’s a linocut, as explained in the comic I made to send out with each card. 

Each year’s list of addressees gets longer as people’s families grow, which is a nudge to remember that every Christmas card is someone’s first. So showing the process matters, especially if it’s a printing process other than a commercial computer printout. 

As I get further into the world of printmaking I must remember to keep explaining the process – which of course applies to academic work too, innit. Christmas holidays are a good time to hunker down with the PhD reading pile.

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My new book is called Diner devotional. It’s a very handmade small book about diners.


The 12 images are linocuts based on sketches of 12 real life diner counters. The diners are in New York,  Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. I ate at each of them during my summer 2014 travels around the east coast of America. Lots of eating, and lots of walking to balance it out.

Scroll back far enough on http://lydw.tumblr.com/ and you’ll find photos of my original sketches. And here’s a slideshow of the finished book:

I hope that slideshow shows my dislike of over-styled photos of uneaten food. I ate that breakfast.

I cut each of the 12 linocuts in individual pieces of lino, to then ink and print on one long strip of Japanese paper. I used the great big electric press at Northern Print.




For the covers/endpapers of the book I set individual metal type (letter by letter). Then I printed this using the Adana press, again at Northern Print.




Assembling each book took a while to trim and glue. I printed extra pages and covers so I’d have a few trial goes, and was glad I did: both the printing and the glueing were tricky to do cleanly and neatly. Which is weird,  because I was ever so good at the eating that started the whole project.



So aye. There are 12 books, all the same and all with the unique imperfections that make them perfectly handmade.

£10 each at events or by post.  This includes UK postage,  or contact me and I’ll work out overseas postage (less the UK postage so it’s fair).

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