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Heyyy I finished my contribution to the Hotbed Press 20:20 print exchange 2014.

This year I did a hard ground etching with machine sewing over the top.  It’s 20x20cm in size. It’s printed in black ink, sewn in red thread, on white paper.  What what, you’d like some work in progress photos?  Ok then:




It’s called Pretford Wives because I had a cuppa in Pret a Manger one lunchtime and thought I’d draw a cup or something, but oh no then I was horrified by how all the career girls looked all shiny and the same so I drew them on an etching plate instead.

Participating in last year’s print exchange was awesome.  I contributed 25 etchings of this fella, called Can I Touch Your Beard?


5 of them now belong to print galleries and 20 of them now belong to other artists.  In return I received a 20x20cm pizza box filled with 20 prints:


These two were my favourites:


Top one is called ((1+1)x2+1)x2 squared by Boon.  Bottom one is by Maria del Pilar Morales Caanano at Belfast Print Workshop.  Ah, the perils of incompletely-labelled prints.

So yeah.  I like swapping and I like printing and I like pizza boxes.  I have three 20x20cm proofs of Pretford Wives that I’ll gladly swap for any reasonable offer of a swap.  I’ve done an edition of 10 of Pretford Wives on 8″x6.5″ paper  for sale (9 left as of 29th August 2014, £25 including UK postage, international postage at cost price on top of that).


High fives to Hotbed Press for organising the print exchange overall and to Northern Print for organising participation from me and other studio members.

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Eee pet what’s tha’?

Grainger Zine

It’s a preview of a collaborative zine that the hyper-talented Rose Greenfield and I started making today whilst doing a Make & Mend craft market at Grainger Market.

That’s all the information you’re getting at this stage, nosy parker. You can have more information when it’s finished.

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Ready or not.

Where can I hide? A colouring book for boys and girls who want to be left alone for a while.

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Do you like colouring in?
Of course you do.

Do you dislike people?
Within reason, like. Sometimes people are good and more people = more good. Sometimes they’re losers who bring you down, man. When that happens, be happy on your own and colour in this colouring book.

£3.50 from Travelling Man in Newcastle, York, or Manchester.

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Line up in line line up in line is all I remember.

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I tried doing that thing where you draw a picture every day.  And then I started doing that thing where you don’t take your pen of the paper.  Are you listening to me?  Don’t you dare lift that pen until you’ve finished your picture.  I don’t care if it’s scribble, I don’t care if you’re hungry, you will not lift that pen.

And then I decided that some days I like drawing lots of pictures, some days only one, some days none at all.  And if I want to lift my pen then ain’t nobody can stop me.  But these drawings were from when I was far better behaved.  And had a stack of old catalogues and National Enquirers for source material.

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