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Eee pet what’s tha’?

Grainger Zine

It’s a preview of a collaborative zine that the hyper-talented Rose Greenfield and I started making today whilst doing a Make & Mend craft market at Grainger Market.

That’s all the information you’re getting at this stage, nosy parker. You can have more information when it’s finished.

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What’s mine is wors.

My wor diary

Here’s a diary for 8th-14th July 2013.  It’s my contribution to Wor Diary.  Not a very short diary in its own right.  Well, it could be.  But it isn’t.

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Here’s my latest book.

I should probably hate this book. It’s nothing but out of context quotes, little soundbites (textbites?) that I didn’t write and that have been available for years.

But I love it. I love ‘The Wire’, even (especially?) when it’s all melodramatic. So this is a little Baltimore bible of weird psalms and hoodlum gospels.

The text in this book belongs to David Simon, creator of the amazing television series ‘The Wire’. This book was drawn/written by Lydia Wysocki who has no connection with ‘The Wire’ beyond loving it a lot.

This book is A7 size and very chunky. It has black print on cream paper with a transparent acetate cover. It’s bound with brass wire. Yes, ‘The Wire’ bound in wire. Is your mind blown?

Please be a little careful with the wire, it’s safe enough for sensible adults but not for children or daft adults. Also please be aware that the content of ‘The Wire’, and hence the content of this book, includes words and ideas not suitable for innocents and idiots.

Anyway.  £3.50 into this here Etsy shop and it can be yours.

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Failing at failing.

My new comic book is called Overachiever.

It includes:

  • anger cross-ness without bitterness
  • hatred of Tory prime ministers
  • a slightly twee free gift tucked inside the spine*
  • panels and other comic book stylings
  • higher production values than ever before!

The last point excites me a lot.  I’m more prouder of this book than of my earlier books.  I’m proud of them all but am LIKE TOTALLY PSYCHED! at how my drawing and book making skillz have improved.

What’s it all about, then?  Well…

I have achieved many things in life. And so have you. And so has everyone who is now or ever has been alive on this planet. Ok? Ok.

I get cross when people claim that some achievements are important and others are invalid. And that’s what this book is about.

Yes, it’s very nice that some people have bought houses. It’s not nice when they don’t know the difference between ‘buying a house with money’ and ‘mortgage is just another word for inconceivably large debt’.

My achievements include seeing a panda, baking a badass pie, and being rubbish at skateboarding.

The star-studded launch eventwas a resounding success.  This means that I went to a Paper Jammeeting, people said complimentary things and I sold 10 copies in terrifyingly rapid succession.  It was like splurge guns firing cash and splurge guns returning fire with comics.

Overachiever can be yours if you visit Travelling Man in Newcastle and ask nicely and pay £2. Or if you visit my Etsy shop and PayPal £2 including free UK postage.

*the book’s spine.  Not your spine.  Not the Travelling Man’s spine.  Not my spine.

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